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Current Group Members

Principal Investigator

Zeev Rosenzweig, PhD

Chair of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry; Professor of Chemistry

Office: MEYR 102
Phone: 410-455-2521

Research Associates

Meghan Dands

Research Interests: Meghan’s research surrounds nanoparticle synthesis. Currently, she is working on the aqueous synthesis of cadmium telluride quantum dots via microwave irradiation, and their optical characterization.

Graduate Students

Richard Brown

Research Interests: Semiconductor Nanomaterials for bioimaging. Specifically, non-toxic, silicon-based, photoluminescent nanoparticles. His focus is on the synthesis and characterization of these materials, especially their photoysical/chemical properties and how they respond to their environment.


Zheng Zheng

Research Interests: Zheng Zheng is interested in the synthesis and analysis of nanoplasmonic alloy materials for energy harvesting and catalytic applications. The stability and tunability of nanoplasmonic alloys is vital for the development of efficient and robust solar energy harvesting systems. In addition, these materials are useful for their catalytic applications.

Denise Williams

Research Interests: Denise is currently working on synthesizing luminescent nanomaterials for bioimaging applications. Her research is aimed at synthesizing nanomaterials that are more environmentally benign without compromising their luminescent properties.

Laura Satterfield

Research Interests:  Laura’s research is on fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy for the purpose of measuring the adsorption of proteins onto nanoparticles known as quantum dot.

Connor Riahin

Research Interests:  Aqueous synthesis of CdTe nanoparticles using cheaper,
safer, and faster methods.

Undergraduate Students


April Laranang

Research Interests: April studies the biological impact of the quantum dots on embryonic zebrafish. My project in the Rosenzweig lab aims to determine safer alternatives to cadmium-based quantum dots.


Ewa Harazinska

Research Interests: Ewa Harazinska joined the Rosenzweig lab as an undergraduate sophomore in the Chemistry program at UMBC. Ewa is specifically interested in studies and research surrounding inorganic chemistry.


Zachary Clifford

Research Interests: Zachary Clifford joined the Rosenzweig lab as an undergraduate sophomore in the Chemistry program at UMBC. Zachary is interested in physical/inorganic/analytical/theoretical/materials chemistry.